Improvements in soil health can reduce inputs

Posted 23rd May 2018

We investigate how a focus on soil health has helped one farmer to reduce key inputs such as fertiliser, seed dressings and fungicides while maintaining yields. Simon Cowell farms 400 acres on the coast of Essex and has been implementing […]

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Make the most of FYM in maize crops this spring

Posted 23rd April 2018

Maize growers are being urged to make the most of high organic matter inputs to help bring down overhead costs while improving soil structure, plant health and maximising yields. George Hepburn, biological soils expert at QLF Agronomy, explains why growers […]

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Invest in soils for productive crops

Posted 13th December 2017

Soil health is increasingly in the spotlight and the launch of Sustainable Soils Alliance has prompted many farmers to consider the management of this vital resource. Biological farming is seen by many as a sustainable way to manage soils for [...]

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The complete soil-health picture

Posted 30th November 2017

As dairy farmers spend their winter being encouraged to analyse their conserved forage stocks, Gary Zimmer, founder of Midwestern BioAg and champion of ‘biological farming’, advises producers to also turn their attention to the soils in which these crops grow.  [...]

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New national sales manager for QLF Agronomy


QLF Agronomy is pleased to announce the appointment of George Hepburn, a biological soils expert, who will be a nationwide sales manager specialising in QLF’s liquid carbon-based fertiliser range. George brings vast biological-farming experience to QLF, following 13-years specialising in [...]

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Healthy cows start with healthy soils

Posted 28th November 2017

Ensuring the right amount of nutrients are supplied, in the right quantities, to the dairy cow is a key day-to-day consideration for most dairy farmers. However, this month, British Dairying, explores the view of a group of farmers who are […]

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Trust your senses when it comes to soil health

Posted 22nd November 2017

Farmers should be relying on their senses to grow sustainable crops for the future, that was the key message from international biological farming expert Gary Zimmer speaking at QLF Agronomy’s soils event. Gary encourages producers not to rely on just [...]

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QLF soils event 8th November 2017

Posted 3rd November 2017

You are invited to a pioneering biological soils event, with presentations from world renowned expert Gary Zimmer, 'The Father of Biological Farming’ and hosted by farmer Tim Parton. The one-day event, held in Staffordshire, will review the merits of biological farming, [...]

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