Foliar Nutrients

QLF Agronomy also offer a range of foliar nutrients, which can be mixed with L-CBF Products. Foliar feeding nutrients at key periods during the plant’s growth can help to prevent and cure deficiencies, and the products below are specifically designed for particular crop requirements.


A manganese source for cereals, oil seed rape and potatoes.

Foliar manganese plays a vital role in the many processes of the growing plant. Cereals and barley in particular have a high requirement for manganese and are particularly responsive to applied manganese, especially on lighter soils.

Folmanganese contains 15% Manganese w/v, 8% Sulphur w/v


A high phosphate nutrient with nitrogen for potatoes and maize.

Foliar phosphate is beneficial in a variety of crops, particularly potatoes and maize. Phosphate may be plentiful in the soil but inadequate uptake by the crop will cause deficiency which will affect growth and yield.

Fosfol contains 20% Phosphate w/v, 8% Nitrogen w/v.


A foliar magnesium source for a variety of crops.

Magnesium plays a vital role in the process of photosynthesis and as such foliar Magnesium increases the plant’s ability to withstand diseases and stress.

Folmagnesium contains 6% Magnesium w/v.


A foliar nutrient formulated for potatoes

Foliar magnesium and nitrogen together provide a ‘two-in-one’ application for all varieties of potatoes designed to accelerate the speed of uptake and plant utilisation.

Magnitate contains 2% Magnesium and 12% Nitrogen w/v.

Foliar Nutrients Analysis:

Analysis Weight Volume
N P K S Mg Mn L/Te
Fol Manganese . . . 8 . 15 735
Magnifol 18 . . . 1 . 842
Fol Magnesium . . . . 6 . 837
Magnitate 12 . . . 2.5 . 843
Fosfol 7 17 . . . . 865
Folseafeed 30% Seaweed Solids 897

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