QLF Agronomy can supply product in a range of quantities. All agricultural products will be supplied in either an IBC or bulk whilst amenity products come supplied in either a 20 litre can or IBC. For Bulk orders, QLF L-CBF products can be stored in plastic or GRP tanks, of which QLF Agronomy can supply a complete range from 5,000 to 50,000 litre.


QLF Agronomy’s L-CBF fertilisers are water miscible and are combatable with most herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilisers. As such they can be applied through a range of standard spraying equipment. Please speak to your QLF Agronomy representative to confirm mesh sizes and loading procedures prior to use.


QLF Offer a range of planting equipment in association with AgXcel. This unique equipment has been specifically designed to handle QLF’s L-CBF Products ensuring the product is applied at planting in the most accurate, uniform and consistent way possible.
Please see the video and pictures below to learn more about AgXcel’s L-CBF Products.

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