Folseafeed is an all-natural crop stimulant that is approved by the Soil Association for use on organic farms. It stimulates the plant’s natural response to give bigger yields as it contains macro-nutrients and trace elements.

Folseafeed has 30% seaweed solids which means it is most beneficial for potatoes but can also be used on grassland, cereals and vegetables. The product is generally applied at tuber initiation – 14 days following and at a rate of 7 litres / hectare and should be mixed with 100-400 litres / hectare of water, depending on crop cover.

Folseafeed is compatible with most liquid fertilisers and blight sprays, however, always carry out a separate test sample prior to mixing.

Product Benefits:

  • All natural product
  • Aids root development
  • High concentration of seaweed solids

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