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Harper Adams University (C.E.R.C) and Grainseed Ltd Trial

  • Location 1: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK (Arable land with high pH & low fertility)
  • Location 2: Broxton, Cheshire, UK (Sandy loam & very fertile; farm yard manure & slurry applied in the past)
  • Product: L-CBF BOOST
  • Crop: Maize, Ballade
  • Trial type: Replicated plots
  • Dates: April 16 - September 16
  • Value: Assumed £100/tonne dry matter


The charts below compare the average maize yield (t/ha DM) of L-CBF BOOST treated plots to the control in both Norfolk and Cheshire. The value of the crop in £/ha (after treatment cost) is shown at the top of each bar.

The study showed that applications of L-CBF BOOST outperformed the control plots by up to 11% which resulted in the yield gains of up to 1.5 tonnes per hectare dry matter.