L-CBF BOOST™ – The No.1 Liquid Carbon Fertiliser

L-CBF BOOST™ is a revolutionary way of fertilising crops by improving soil fertility. It has been used on farms extensively over the last 7 years with independent and university trial work demonstrating significant yield responses across a variety of crops. L-CBF BOOST™ is a liquid carbon-based fertiliser, with balanced crop nutrients and beneficial biology designed to feed your soil microbes, increase the efficiency and performance of your applied fertiliser, build long term soil fertility, and increase crop yield potential.

How does it work?

L-CBF BOOST™ works by feeding the soil microbes which in turn increases the availability of key nutrients to the plant at critical times, improving rooting and speeding up nutrient cycling. The carbon from molasses is utilised by all aspects of the soil food web supporting the health and productivity of the soil. In particular L-CBF BOOST™ stimulates certain microbes to improve the stabilisation of nitrogen.

Which crops can L-CBF BOOST™ be applied to?

L-CBF BOOST™ has seen positive results on all crops trialled, including wheat, OSR, potatoes, grass and in particular maize. L-CBF BOOST™’s key benefits are stimulating the soil’s biology and improving efficiency of applied fertilisers. It also increases the benefits from any applied farm yard manure and slurry by reducing losses and improving availability of key nutrients.

How can L-CBF BOOST™ be applied?

L-CBF BOOST™ can be applied on its own, with pesticides or easily mixed with your liquid fertiliser. It is a filtered, versatile, convenient, consistent and cost effective product. It can be delivered in IBCs or in bulk, depending on requirements.

Many soil scientists are now recommending applying a carbon source with nitrogen fertilisers. L-CBF BOOST™ is a proven product with many years’ worth of independent trial results and on farm success. For more information on these trials, please click here.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Stimulates the soil microbes and builds long term soil fertility
  • Increased yield potential with reduction in environmental impact
  • Providies a complex carbon source to improve long term organic matter building and residue decomposition
  • Improves the efficiency of nitrogen (and P and K)
  • Softens the impact of nitrogen fertiliser on the soil biology
  • Reduces the risk of crop scorch

Supply Options:

  • Bulk
  • 1000L IBC
  • Pre-mixed into Landowner Liquid Fertilisers

Application Options:

  • Sprayed on as a separate application
  • Applied with a range of agrochemicals or liquid fertilisers.
  • Foliar applied
  • In furrow

L-CBF BOOST™ Analysis:

 w/w %  w/v %
  Total Nitrogen 4 5.2
  Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water 0 0
  Potassium Oxide soluble in water 3 3.9
  Sulphur (S) 2 2.6

Includes complex carbon sources, yeasts, and other microbial growth factors

For information regarding specific application rates, methods, mixing and handling information, please speak to a QLF L-CBF representative.

For testimonials and trial results on L-CBF BOOST™ please click here

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