L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ – Amenity Carbon Fertiliser

L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ (TGE) is specific for use in all turf management. It combines a unique blend of nutrients (N-K-S, enzymes and inorganic and organic trace minerals) with an enriched high carbohydrate source that can be used as a soil amendment or replacement of part or all of the supplemental nitrogen. The sugar, nitrogen, amino acids and peptides can be absorbed by the plant immediately energizing the plants and boosting the strength of the cell walls. This is important for turf growing in the shade and during the summer when plant respiration is rapid.

TGE can stimulate the growth and improve the efficiency of naturally occurring microbes as a result of its carbohydrates, nitrogen and other biological growth factors. Carbohydrates are carbon, and carbon is the building block of life. In the soil, TGE helps stimulate the soil microbial population to improve nutrient uptake whilst making nutrients more available. TGE can also increase the breakdown of clipping, whilst helping to improve soil aeration and the breakdown of thatch mediated by soil microbes. As a result using TGE helps to release more nutrients into the soil, improving soil structure and helping to release tied up minerals,  decreasing areas of hard pan thus improving air and water movement in the soil.

L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ contains four forms of nitrogen; ammonium, urea, amino acids and peptides. Ammonium can be used directly by the plant giving a fast response. The carbohydrates and sulphur help improve the utilisation of urea, reducing the loss of urea from volatilisation and leaching compared to dry or water solutions. As such using L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ can reduce the total amount of nitrogen required.

L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ can be applied with most herbicides and pesticides and can help improve their effectiveness as by adding sucrose the pests consume more of the pesticide.

L-CBF TURFGRASS ENHANCER™ is water miscible allowing it to be applied through properly designed liquid application equipment. The product can be tank mixed and is compatible with most herbicides and fungicides; always test a sample to ensure compatibility prior to mixing.

The product should be applied monthly through the growing season. In some instances golf course greens and sports turf may benefit from more frequent application; please consult your agronomist and QLF L-CBF representative for more details.


 w/w%  w/v%
Total Nitrogen 7 9
Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water 0 0
Potassium Oxide soluble in water 1.6 2
Sulphur (S)  0.5 0.7

Includes complex carbon, chelated micro-nutrients, yeasts and microbial growth factors

Product Benefits

  • Improved nutrient availability and uptake
  • Boosts strength of cell walls
  • Improved breakdown of clipping and thatch
  • Reduced loss of nitrogen through volatilisation
  • Versatile, convenient, consistent in a user friendly package


  • Sprayer application as stand-alone or mixed with herbicide / fungicide.

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