New national sales manager for QLF Agronomy

QLF Agronomy is pleased to announce the appointment of George Hepburn, a biological soils expert, who will be a nationwide sales manager specialising in QLF’s liquid carbon-based fertiliser range.

George brings vast biological-farming experience to QLF, following 13-years specialising in soil fertility and crop nutrition advice. His role will see him working closely with farmers and agronomists to develop soil nutrition plans and champion the benefits of using liquid carbon-based fertilisers.

“I believe the future of agriculture relies on farmers prioritising soil biology and utilising the nutrients available in the soil.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with agronomists and farmers to share biological farming practices,” says George.

Eager to get stuck in, he also recently attended a QLF Soils event that focused on biological farming techniques.

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting QLF customers and enjoyed using the event as a platform to promote the biological farming successes which were clearly demonstrated on Tim Parton’s farm and are championed by Gary Zimmer who was also in attendance.”

George who is FACTS qualified is also looking forward to taking QLF Agronomy to the next level.

David Maxwell, QLF’s national sales director adds that’s he’s delighted to have George on board. “It’s great to be working with George and his background in soil biology will put him in good stead for sales success.”

If you would like to get in touch with George you can reach him on 07867 871832 or