Mid Summer News – Improving Your Crops In Time For Harvest

As we edge closer to harvest and prepare to harvest the fruits of our labour (the ones the weather has left for us) and it is time to consider using glyphosate to prepare crops for harvest. 

On OSR crops, many growers will be looking to use glyphosate to desiccate the crop.  Adding L-CBF BOOST™ to your sprayer tank will assist the glyphosate in killing off the crop.  The reason why it will help is because L-CBF BOOST™ will act like a wetter and reduce the surface tension of the application thus improving the spread of the herbicide on the target crop.  It can also be used on cereals if you are looking to influence harvesting dates in what could be challenging harvest with such a mix of winter and spring cropping.

See the trial paper below titled Herbicide Efficiency that demonstrates the improvement in weed control 


There are other advantages, it will also reduce drift – in trials there was a 4-7% reduction in the fraction of the volume that drifts.  Also due to the pH of L-CBF BOOST™ it will act as an acidifier.    L-CBF BOOST™ can be applied with all glyphosate applications.

Many soil scientists recommend using a carbon buffer with chemical inputs. One Soil Farmer of the Year and L-CBF user has had run-off tests carried out by a water company showing more than half the rate of glyphosate in the water in the field that has had L-CBF BOOST™ applied.  It makes sense as we are applying L-CBF BOOST™ to enhance soil biology and it is this same biology whose job it is to break down the chemicals in the soil.

Apply at 10-20 lts/ha with plenty of water

The trial below proves the scientific principle that L-CBF BOOST improves the performance of weed control which means glyphosate works quicker and harder for you and is relevant in the UK

Don’t leave it to chance…….Apply L-CBF BOOST™ today!
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