1. What is it?

L-CBF BOOST™ is a carbon-based additive, with balanced crop nutrients and beneficial biology designed to feed your soil microbes, increase the efficiency and performance of your applied fertiliser, build long term soil fertility, and increase crop yield potential.

2. How does it work?

L-CBF BOOST™ works by feeding the soil microbes which in turn increases the availability of key nutrients to the plant at critical times, improving rooting and speeding up nutrient cycling. The carbon is utilised by all aspects of the soil food web supporting the health and productivity of the soil.

3. How do I apply it?

L-CBF BOOST™ can be applied on its own, with pesticides or easily mixed with your liquid fertiliser. It is a versatile, convenient, consistent and cost-effective product.

4. What benefits does it have?

L-CBF BOOST™ has numerous benefits including:

  • Stimulating your soil’s microbes and building long term soil fertility
  • Increased yield potential with reduction in environmental impact
  • Providing a complex carbon source to improve long term organic matter building
  • Improving efficiency of nitrogen (and P and K)
  • Softening the impact of nitrogen fertiliser on the soil biology
  • Reduces risk of scorch

5. Is there any trial work?

L-CBF BOOST™ has been extensively trialled in the UK, US and EU. There is trial data going back 10 years on a range of crops showing numerous benefits including yield and quality. Please see our trials and case studies here.

6. Will it increase my yields?

L-CBF BOOST™ has consistently shown yield increases of 5-10% on a range of crops as shown within our case studies; for more details please contact us.

7. What form does it come in?

L-CBF BOOST™ is a brown free-flowing liquid designed to be mixed in with your chemical inputs. It is triple filtered to ensure it can go through your crop sprayers.

8. How do I apply it?

Liquid Fertiliser Systems: L-CBF BOOST™ can be mixed directly with your liquid fertiliser. Typically mix at 3-5% of volume of liquid fertiliser to be applied. It can be either decanted into the induction hopper whilst filling or drawn straight into the tank after filling with liquid fertiliser.

Solid Fertiliser Systems: L-CBF BOOST™ can be applied with pre or post-emergence herbicides at 10-20l/ ha per hectare per application. It can also be added in with each fungicide spray at 3-5 litres per hectare. Although L-CBF BOOST™ is compatible with most chemicals, it is sensible to carry out a jar test first, or call QLF Agronomy to discuss your program

Starter Fertiliser: L-CBF BOOST™ can be mixed directly with your liquid starter fertiliser at a ratio of 3:1 or greater. Landowner Liquid Fertiliser has a range of starter fertilisers to meet your requirements, please ask QLF Agronomy for more details.

For more detailed application rates for individual crops, please click here.

9. How much do I apply?

Typical application rates are 20-40 litres / ha per year depending on crop, climatic conditions and soil type. Specific application rates are detailed here.

11. Where can I buy it?

You can order it through QLF Agronomy’s merchant network (please call us on 01952 727754 to find out your nearest merchant) or online through Landowner Products Ltd here.

12. Can I get it through my buying group / merchant?

Yes, we work with many buying groups and merchants – give QLF Agronomy a call or speak to your local agent.

13. Who else is using it?

Soil Farmer of the Year Award winners! Please also see our case studies.

14. Is it Organic?

L-CBF TERRA FED™ is an organic version of L-CBF BOOST™ and is accredited by the Soil Association.

15. What is in it?

Complex carbon, balanced nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and trace elements.

16. Can I cut back other inputs?

QLF Agronomy farmers have shown that Nitrogen can be cut by up to 10% if using L-CBF BOOST™ as part of an integrated biological system.

17. Why is applying Carbon important?

Many soil scientists are now recommending applying a carbon source with nitrogen fertilisers. The chemical applied is then ‘wrapped in carbon’ allowing better uptake, reduced losses and less damage to the soil biology.

18. What crops can I use it on?

L-CBF BOOST™ has seen positive results on all crops trialled, including wheat, OSR, potatoes, grass and in particular maize. L-CBF BOOST™’s key benefits are stimulating the soil’s biology and improving efficiency of applied fertilisers. It also increases the benefits from any applied farm yard manure and slurry by reducing losses and improving availability of key nutrients.

19. How do I store it?

L-CBF BOOST™ is a free-flowing, concentrated product that thickens slightly the colder it gets. As soon as it is added to water and/or liquid fertiliser it is easily sprayed. Here are a few guidelines to help you when using L-CBF BOOST™:

  •  Store above freezing; ideally indoors in IBC’s.
  • Loosen IBC cap to allow L-CBF BOOST™ to breath.
  • L-CBF BOOST™ will need agitation if stored for more than 3 weeks.

20. Why should I use L-CBF BOOST™?

A biological approach to farming with QLF Agronomy, feeding the microbes, balancing soil nutrients, improving soil structure and ultimately using less aggressive fertilisers and fewer chemicals, will help to build Organic Matter, improve soil health and increase microbe populations.

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