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Soil Farmer of the year 2018, Simon Cowell

  • Farmer: Simon Cowell
  • Location: Essex
  • Aim: Encourage soil biology to release nutrients while minimising chemical inputs

Simon is current ‘Soil Farmer of the Year’ which is fair reward for all the work Simon has done over the
years not only to improve his own soils fertility, but also to encourage others to look at their own
systems. He has given huge amounts of his time educating other farmers and advisors.
Simon was one of the early adopters to L-CBF BOOST™. He has always been in favour of putting
biological products on his soil where possible and the L-CBF BOOST™ fits nicely into his system. He
applies it with fertiliser and fungicide to buffer the effect of the chemicals whilst at the same time
feeding the soil biology.
He is on some the heaviest clays around but you wouldn’t know it looking at his soil. This is due to a
long-term regime of no-till, making and applying his own compost and growing a wide range of crops
including grass and lucerne in the rotation.
Essex and Suffolk water have been testing the run-off from his soils, and where the L-CBF BOOST™ has
been used there was less than half of the glyphosate in the water. We are doing more tests this
autumn to see how far we can go, but the L-CBF BOOST™ is helping by feeding the biology allowing
these chemicals to be broken down more easily.