QLF Agronomy is a division of Quality Liquid Feeds, the world’s number 1 liquid feed company, which has spent over 35 years developing liquid supplements for livestock and feeding rumen microbes. QLF Agronomy has now brought this technology into the arable sector by designing a range of liquid carbon based fertilisers to feed the soil microbes to improve the health and productivity of your soils.

QLF Agronomy’s L-CBF (Liquid Carbon Based Fertilisers) are a combination of complex carbon sources with balanced crop nutrients. They feed the soil biology and enhance plant nutrient availability to help improve plant performance, root growth, yields and crop quality. QLF’s L-CBF products supply readily available carbon as sucrose, whilst also providing a balanced nutritional package specific to the sustainability and longevity of highly productive soils.

Developed over 7 years through extensive farm, independent and university trials, QLF’s L-CBF products are supplied from 14 plants in the USA, and from 1 of QLF’s plants in the UK.

Why Liquid Carbon?

Readily-available carbon is the most critical nutrient for the growth and health of soil microbe populations, as well as populations of small soil vertebrates, all of which work together to directly support the health and productivity of the soil.

Did You Know?

There are more living organisms in a handful of soil than there are people on earth. In just 1 gram of healthy soil there are 1 billion bacteria, 3 miles of fungi, 1 hundred thousand protozoa and over 500 beneficial nematodes.

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